Aerial Photo of Harrisonburg, VA

Neff Enterprises is owned and operated by Bill Neff, Sr., who has been a land developer for over 50 years.  Neff Enterprises has developed many properties in the City of Harrisonburg and the County of Rockingham.    We have build and lease several government buildings.


JMU Article on Bill Neff and Harrisonburg, VA
Bill V. Neff, Sr.

Bill has been in commercial real estate development for over 50 years.  He runs a hands-on, no frills enterprise comprised of several companies.  In addition to selling and rent to own, his companies also finance what they sell.


Mr. Neff is dedicated and guided by his faith to contribute to his Church and his community.

He and his staff are eager and willing to meet all of your commercial and industrial real estate needs, with that same vision and persistence that started Neff Enterprises over 50 years ago.  We are persistent in wanting everyone we come in contact with to be successful.


Contact us with any of your commercial real estate needs and we will be glad to help you in any way we can.




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